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What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition counseling analyzes your eating and exercising habits. A nutrition counselor helps you  set achievable health goals and shows you how to maintain these goals throughout your lifetime.  This type of analysis benefits a wide variety of people, especially those with certain health disorders.

Nutrition is an essential part of your overall health and learning how to eat the right foods, and adding important supplements to your diet, will help you achieve a healthier you.

Who Can Benefit from Nutrition Counseling?

Anyone who wants to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Including those who may suffer from any of the following diseases and disorders:

*   Behavioral Concerns                             *   Poor Nutrition

*   Poor Sugar Levels                                *   Overweight

*   Distorted Eating Patterns                  *   Cholesterol Issues

*   Pediatric Growth Delays      

*   Stomach & Intestine Issues





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Erena Treskova

Nature Assist, LLC

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Providing Affordable Individual Sessions Building Path  To You Better Health Natural Way

        Erena Treskova Member of American College of Nutrition, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist graduate of  Clinical Homeopathy Training CEDH USA, NY Institute of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition will help you make individual program to support your health address your specific health maintenance needs.